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Special Ops Handguns Pt. 3 – Glock Modifications

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Glocks are a highly popular line of handguns, made by the company of the same name. Initially designed by Gaston Glock in 1879, Glock pistols have enjoyed a long and successful history of being some of the world’s most recognized handguns due to their quality design, high performance and solid reliability.

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Glocks entered the Austrian military and law enforcement service in 1982 after coming out on top in a series of tests. There was some initial reluctance to Glocks, as its construction was of polymer and the world looked askance at a “plastic” gun. Since they were initially launched, Glocks have become the gun manufacturer’s most profitable product.

Glock pistols were created following a list of 17 points by the Austrian Ministry of Defence after World War II, which included criteria for self-loading, one-handed action, ambidextrous handling, assembly and disassembly without tools, eight rounds per magazine, fully interchangeable components between pistols, no danger during case ejection, no more than 20 malfunctions during the first 10,000 rounds, and so on. These strict requirements are essentially responsible for the level of quality Glock handguns are famous for until now.

Glocks are used by an estimated 65% of US law enforcement agencies, not to mention numerous armed forces, police units, security services and militia groups all over the globe. Glocks also enjoy popularity among civilian shooters who use them for recreational and competitive shooting, home and personal defense and either concealed or open carry. They are often highly customized by gun owners to enhance shooting performance and overall design.

The more popular Glocks are the Glock 17 and GLock 19, both of which are considered two of the best handguns currently in existence, according to general consensus among civilian gun enthusiasts. The smaller “baby Glocks” are also commonly bought for those who prefer smaller, more lightweight firearms.

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