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My Top 5 Favorite Guns Of All Times – Jerry Miculek

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World shooting champion Jerry Miculek tells us all about his top 5 favorite guns of all time. These guns are personal to Jerry and come with a story for each one.

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Remington Nylon 66 – the original Remington Nylon 66 was the first firearm Jerry ever owned, and was his introduction to serious shooting. While working with his great-uncle on a farm, he shot and did plenty of menial jobs around. He was rewarded with 20 dollars to buy himself something, and saw the Remington for around 40 dollars, which he saved up for. Jerry admits to having put lots of ammunition through this rifle, and says it only jammed once by accident, which was his fault. He has used it for underwater shooting as well as countless other competitions. The gun has retained its factory sling and similar models are considered collector’s items now.

.38 Smith & Wesson revolver – Jerry inherited this from his grandfather. When it belonged to his grandfather, it was his big gun, and was Jerry’s introduction to center fire handguns. He was in awe of it as a kid. He still has original .38 Smith & Wesson cartridges from his grandfather’s time that have their price at 3.5 cents apiece. This revolver gives an appreciation for history and a sense of times past.

Colt HBAR – bought in the early ‘80s to go with the Soldier of Fortune 3-gun match, this was Jerry’s introduction to the modern era – the AR platform. The synthetic stock was new to him, and took him some adjusting to get used to it, but he realized quickly that the AR had a lot of potential. He has used the Colt for a lot for events and it has been a good performer over the years.

Gewehr 98 Mauser – Jerry recalls buying this at a gun show in Houston. It was an early ‘80s wartime production and he bought 35,000 rounds of ammunition to go with it. Now customized to Jerry’s specifications, this is his go-to gun and has taught him a lot about marksmanship. The 98 Mauser is a classic, always got a lot of respect, and has been with Jerry on a lot of adventures.

2011 STI 45 ACP semi-automatic pistol – this unique, long pistol was built by Jerry and Jim Clarke of Clarke Custom guns. It was made to shoot real heavy loads and Jerry used it to shoot bowling balls when that was still a thing, and to break records. It reminds him of Jim Clarke.

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