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Homemade .22 hunting rifle

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The video shows a homemade .27 Hilti cartridge break barrel single shot rifle, made out of large pieces of wood and various pieces of ordinary hardware that can easily be found at any hardware store, such as screws, springs, bolts (like those on doors), metal tubes and fittings. A shell was loaded into the gun, then fired in a test to see how it would perform. The target was a thick sheaf of books of around 1,500 pages, which the bullet managed to penetrate through. The video’s label says this is a cheap, easy alternative to weapons.

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Homemade guns have become something of a unique niche in the vast realm of American weaponry. More and more videos and full websites dedicated to making your own guns come online every day, from simple accessories such as suppressors made out of cans to full rifles, like this one, made out of the most basic materials. While simple in design, these guns prove to be quite effective at shooting and doing enough damage with projectiles.

Samples of other homemade guns on the internet include a pistol made from screws, springs and a pipe for a barrel, a contraption that resembles a mousetrap but with enough power to shoot shells, a small pistol made out of brass knuckles and two small tubes and other rifles that use pieces of wood for the main parts then hardware for the mechanisms. The general favorite in making homemade guns seems to be cobbling together bits and pieces from other guns, supplemented with screws, nuts, bolts and springs to create fully functional weapons.

While there have been leaps and bounds in weapons technology, including ammunition that is 3D-printed, these rudimentary firearms prove that anyone with enough imagination, knowledge, skill and perhaps working experience with guns can make their own guns that are just as effective, although perhaps not as safe, as the more expensive, high-end models out there.


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