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URBAN SNIPER – Accuracy International .308 AW COVERT

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Larry from Vickers Tactical meets up with Walt Wilkinson at Gunsite in Arizona to test out the Accuracy International AW Covert in an “Urban Sniper” training scenario.

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Larry is shown driving towards a range, where he says he has no idea what’s waiting. He’s going into a shooting test cold, armed with his Accuracy International AW Covert .308 Sniper Rifle that has a mounted scope.

Upon arriving, he is briefed on the shooting test: a mock bank robbery is in progress and the robber has killed at least 1 person. He is described as having a ski mask on and an army fatigue jacket. The front of the bank is covered by three units, they have the back. There are two vehicles in the bank parking lot, one has been disarmed but the other one was too close so the robber has to be stopped before he gets to the vehicle. They have authority to engage should he be hostile.

The two move forward first to cover Larry’s approach, and Walt points out the white truck that has been disabled, and a red and blue one has not been disabled. He talks to someone over the radio as a go signal, and a large cartoon character of a man in a ski mask rolls out, the image having a woman held at gunpoint close to him.

Larry’s goal is not to let him get to the truck without harming the hostage. The distance is 60 yards. He fires a few rounds then they go check out the hits on the moving target. Larry aimed at the center of the robber but Walt says that in the scenario with the attacker that has a gun to the head of the hostage, it has to be a head shot to disarm him before he kills the hostage.

He adds that in real life for precision classes, most guys go center mass like he did or try to hit between the eyes, which doesn’t always work out well. Larry tries again and hits the attacker on the head as it wheels back and forth between the set up.

The AW Covert was built for the British MOD for special ops. It has a 16 inch barrel with a suppressor that comes back over the barrel by SAS, for an overall length of 23 inches. The Lapua rounds he used are made especially for the Covert, and are especially quiet.

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