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Insane 2000m Shot with AX338 from Mile High Shooting

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Larry of Vickers Tactical takes his camera crew back to Gunsite in Arizona to attempt a 2000m shot with Sniper’s Hide founder Frank Galli. The AX338 rifle was provided by Randy Pennington at Mile High Shooting and Accessories.

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Larry is shown diving up to the site early in the morning, he says they have to beat the heat and wind, as shooting at high noon will not only bring in unfavorable shooting conditions, but will be incredibly hot too. They put together plenty of fancy equipment for the experiment, including a Swarovski spotting scope capable of up to 700 magnification, attached to a Samsung smartphone so they can see what’s going on.

Frank does the shooting, with Walt s his spotter. The first target is a piece of steel 16 by 24 inches wide at a mile away. With the spotter’s help and after a few tries, Frank hits the target along the center line twice, one almost dead on.

They then try to hit a slightly larger target at 2000 meters away. By then, some mirage has started to kick in and the wind begins to act up. Frank manages to hit the target twice after many attempts, as the shifting winds make it more difficult for the spotter to make adjustments.

At the end of the video, Larry and the guys explain what happened. They say that at that distance, bullets go transonic at 1900 meters, so the distance was already over and beyond. That means the bullet starts acting strangely, and since the winds are unpredictable, hitting a target at 2000 meters is basically like the lottery – you’re going to hit it eventually with a few tries, but the chances of dropping down and getting that hit in the first shot is improbable.

According to Frank, one limitation was that the scope was set at 23mil, and it turned out they needed 30mil, so they had to adjust accordingly. Also, he had to work with the mirage and believe the bullet, not be blindsided by anything else.

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