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Helloooo to everybody! Today a new kind of Top10.I’ve ever loved military stuff  and this time I would to say my opinion on the attack helicopters! This is my best AH’s in the world list. As the last top10,also there you can find ONLY active helicopters.No concept or other things.The ranking is made by specs given from official military and builder websites.Enjoy and say if you agre or not in the comments…

THE KA-52 :
It’s faster, have more firepower and better weapons,better technology,better radar,more efficiency,auto defence system,side by side seats so both the pilots can see the same things and communicate better,double blade that increase the performances,no back rotor(that make it quieter and safer) ejectable seats,better climb rate and height reached,cheaper,easier to maintenance(also for the pilots in case of emergency) less detectable against heat missiles and so on….



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