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About Us

We are an online web publishing portal publishing videos of Special Forces missions, guns, gears, vehicles & aircraft reviews, real battle footage from all over the world, self defense instructions etc. Our community is always keeping an eye out for opportunities to explore new weapons and the latest available technology in gears and army equipment. We have tons of reviews, testimonial videos and tactical situations on our website for you to check out.

Contribute to the TacticalClips Community

Everybody can contribute by submitting new videos. If you are using a weapon then we would love to receive a video from you with a review. If you find anything on the internet that is worth sharing within the community then you can submit it freely using our CONTACT page. We are also open to providing free opportunities for new instructors who want to promote themselves.

Source of Content

TacticalClips is dedicated to everything military including weapons like guns, pistols, missiles, drones –  everything related to them. We use videos from www.youtube.com and provide additional commentary to accompany them.  The weapons on our website may seem and sound dangerous but we are peace loving and weapon freaks!


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