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How To Build An Amazing Oil Filter Suppressor For Under $30

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Suppressors or silencers are accessories that are attached to the muzzle of a gun in order to keep it “quiet” when firing. When a bullet is fired, gases build up inside the barrel, which are then released when the bullet exits the barrel. The difference in pressure between the outside environment and the pressure inside the barrel is what creates the loud “bang” noise that guns make. Suppressors allow the pressure to disperse more evenly, so that when a bullet is fired, there is not much difference in pressure, so a shot fired is quieter.

There are many kinds of suppressors. In this video, the narrator compares commercial-grade suppressors to Maglight suppressors to a much cheaper alternative using an oil filter that has been DIY-ed into a suppressor. According to his price comparison, a commercial-grade suppressor costs at around $1,460, which is quite expensive for an accessory. A Maglight, while much cheaper at $140, can still put off some people who are not willing to spend over a hundred dollars.

The oil filter method, on the other hand, amounted to a mere $29.76, with a bit of work. How did he do it? It was quite simple: take a rubber seal and a washer to cover the back filter holes on a Fram oil filter. Cut the seal around the washer and affix the washer onto the seal. Lock it into place with the adapter, screw it onto the back of the oil filter and spray paint the filter to match the gun. It’s simple, incredibly cheap and effective enough for home use or for practicing at the range. It might not be the best option for concealed and carry weapons, though.

Regarding the legality of an oil filter suppressor, the makers of the video issued this disclaimer: “You need to purchase a tax stamp for this to be legal. Pay attention to your state laws and know what is legal and what isn’t. This cannot be shot in the video because unshot it is a legal solvent trap. When it is shot and there is a hole at the end, then it turns into a suppressor which you need to have a tax stamp for before shooting it.”

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