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This video by the Royal Nonesuch is a review of a homemade .22 CAL Injection Knife. The narrator loads the Injection Knife with .22 blanks and black powder to blow up some seasonal fruits.

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In order to operate the gun, the narrator first unscrews the back handle of the Injection Knife. The back handle reveals the firing mechanism. The firing mechanism has a simple zip gun type spring system. He then inserts a .22 blank into the barrel and screws the handle back on.

He fires the first round by pulling the plunger back and letting go. He clarifies that his Injection Knife is not an actual gun. A gun is defined as a weapon that incorporates a metal tube from which bullets, shells, or other missiles are propelled by explosive force. He notes that the barrel of the Injection Knife is bent and the front of the barrel is not the same diameter as the actual chamber, so there is no way that a bullet or projectile can be fired out of it.

He uses the Injection Knife on small fruits and vegetables. He stabs the items first and then fires the Injection Knife. Once fired, the seasonal fruits and vegetables blow up into chunks. He then moves on to bigger vegetables. He stabs a huge yellow squash and pulls the plunger. Unlike the smaller vegetables, the yellow squash does not blow up into chunks. It does, however, get cracked and damaged.

After the yellow squash, he moves on to a pumpkin. Once again, he stabs the pumpkin and pulls the plunger. Just like the yellow squash, the pumpkin does not blow up into chunks.

The narrator notes that using the .22 CAL Injection Knife with black powder is much more fun than when he didn’t. When he used the Injection Knife in a previous video without the black powder, the results were pretty pathetic using only the blanks.


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