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The 5 Meanest Blades Of All Times?

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In this video, Jörg of the YouTube channel JoergSprave aims to find meanest bladed weapons of all time. Jörg has 5 blades to test out, and uses a huge block of ballistics gel to compare the results.

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The first blade is a knife called Piranta made by Havalon, a company in the U.S. Jörg notes that the Havalon Piranta comes in a nice case. The knife costs around $32 if bought from Amazon.com, and comes with replacement blades. Jörg says that the Havalon Piranta is impressive because of its very thin but very sharp scalpel blade. The knife also has a liner lock.

Jörg then tests the Havalon Piranta by running it through the ballistics gel. It leaves a pretty decent cut. Jörg notes that although it is great for cutting, it isn’t good for stabbing, because the blade can break off easily.

The second blade is the Havalon Baracuta. This knife is priced at $48. Jörg describes the Baracuta as the big brother of the Piranta. Just like the Piranta, the Baracuta is also made with a scalpel blade. Jörg uses the Baracuta to cut through the ballistics gel. As expected, it leaves a deeper and scarier slice than the Piranta.

The third knife is one of Jörg’s all-time favorites – the Cold Steel Espada XL. According to Jörg, the beauty of the Cold Steel Espada is that it can be used for hacking, because it has the tri-head lock. He then uses the knife to hack the ballistics gel. With a single blow, the Cold Steel Espada leaves a decent cut. Jörg notes that although it is a dangerous blade, it is not that sharp as the thin Havalon knives.

The fourth blade is the MicroTech Jagdkommando dagger, priced at $840. The MicroTech Jagdkommando is cased by an aluminium sheath that has to be twisted to reveal the beautiful, 3-bladed knife

The dagger is very sharp at the tip, but very blunt on the sides. The reason for this design is that when the dagger is used to poke something and then drawn out, it will leave a hole that will not seal by itself. This will leave living creatures bleeding profusely.

Jörg stabs the ballistics gel using the MicroTech Jagdkommando. When he pulls it out, the hole created by the dagger is clearly visible.

The last blade is a homemade Chainsaw Morningstar. Jörg estimates that the materials used amount to $15. He uses the Chainsaw Morningstar on the ballistics gel, and it leaves a deep, jagged wound.

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