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CRKT Birler Pack Axe Review

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This video by The Late Boy Scout is a review of the CRKT Birler Compact Pack Axe. This 16-inch long axe is light enough to carry around, but it’s still burly enough to get things done on a mission.

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The CRKT Birler Compact Pack Axe is made of 1055 carbon steel, making it incredibly durable. The handle is made of Tennessee hickory wood. This axe was designed by Vietnam Veteran Elmer Roush. Roush has 40 years of blacksmith experience, and has created other exceptional tools under the Birler brand.

The narrator of the video does show that after a bit of use (mainly for chopping up wood for a campfire), the blade of the axe had already become a little bit loose. However, he does mention that he loves the design and the fact that the axe weighs only 10.3 ounces.

The video then shows footage of the narrator chopping up several branches of wood.

The narrator’s final thoughts on the axe are as follows: first, the sheath of the axe is perfect. He appreciates that the sheath has slits that allows it to be attached on belts.

Next, he comments on the shaky blade head and that it would be better if it were locked in better. The narrator does find a solution to the shaky axe head. He ended up driving a handful of small nails through the handle head, and that kept the axe head in place through continuous hours of work.

Third, he talks about the end of the handle and how he wishes that it would be thicker so that it would have better grip.

Finally, the narrator praises the look of the axe. The design of the axe head is particularly good, as it allows the user to grip the head really close. The back of the axe head is blunt, and it makes for a good hammer. Overall, he says that the geometry of the axe head is fantastic for getting hard work done.

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