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CRKT Ruger Follow-Through Knife Review

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The Late Boy Scout gives a review of another pocket knife, this time on the CRKT Ruger Follow Through. He has both the compact and the full-sized versions, as well as some other knives from the line.

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When he first heard that Ruger was going to release a range of knives, he wasn’t too excited, because Ruger is primarily a gun company. But when he heard that CRKT was behind it, he got more interested then decided to pick up a few of them to check them out. He didn’t intend to do a video on these knives, but he was impressed enough to change his mind.

First of all, the knife has IKBS ball bearings that give it perfect centering, perfect lock-up and easy pivoting to fold it. The handle is tough plastic, but it has a cool design to it that looks like 1911 grip panels. Because they’re made by Ruger, the knives have a very tactical feel to them. Also, there are gigantic grooves on the back so that gloved hands can grip any of these knives.

There are cutouts on the blade for aesthetics, and there’s a nice bevel sweeping up the hefty blade made of 8CR13MoV. There’s a pocket clip that can be reversed to the other side, although there are no lanyard holders. It’s great-looking and is well-designed, plus it performs really well.

The steel loses its edge relatively fast compared to other kinds of steel, but it’s affordable, takes an edge very quickly and is razor-sharp.

He presents the full-sized one, which has a different blade shape that has serrations. There’s also the small Go-N-Heavy version, and the Crack Shot by Steigerwalt that has a spring assist to flip the knife open, which has a small screw shaped like the cylinder of a revolver. Overall, these knives are aesthetically pleasing and get the job done.

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