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Easiest Knifemaking Project Ever – Making a Shuriken (Japanese Throwing Dart) from Rebar

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The video is on the easiest knife-making project ever. According to Walter Sorrells, it’s easy to make a shuriken, a Japanese throwing dart, from rebar. It’s not a knife, strictly speaking, but it’s sharp and it’s made of steel, so it’s close.

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There are three different methods shown, including one that requires no power and requires no power tools at all. This is a super simple project using super cheap materials and that anyone can do. Walter says that this is a fun project and the results are not going to be professional grade. But he has several videos for advanced shuriken making.

The materials for this project will be one 3/8 inch piece of rebar, available at any hardware store. Walter makes a note about safety. He says that while he doesn’t do safety videos, he cautions for this project because it is actually quite dangerous. The sharp darts can bounce off targets which makes it dangerous for children. When using them, it is advisable to wear a pair of safety goggles.

The tool that you need most in making a shuriken is a double cut bastard file. The file is the foundational tool of all metalworking projects. Cut the rebar using a hassle and flatten the ends with a file. You can start filing, and while most people draw the file back and forth, it will last longer if you pick it up each time on the backstroke with smooth strokes, and it’s easier and gets the job done faster.

Just file each facet of the rebar, turning it until all sides are flattened to a point, like an unsharpened pencil, then keep turning and filing until you get a really sharp point. The rebar will get so hot after a while that you can’t touch it, so be careful. Smoothen out the edges when you have your point, and clean up the back end of the shuriken so it won’t snag.

Walter talks about steel. Rebar is low-carbon steel or mild steel, and will always be a cheap, inferior tool or weapon and you can’t make a good cutting edge with it. The good thing is that f the shuriken gets dull, it’s easy to sharpen.

The next method is to use an angle grinder, and like the first method, just grind away until the rebar becomes more or less pointy. The third way is to use a disk grinder. Clamp the rebar against a block of wood as a makeshift jig and use the disk grinder to sharpen like a pencil until a nice point is achieved. The general point is that you can use anything to make these darts, and the result is the same.


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