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Klecker Klax: A Versatile Tool That Is Doing It All For $140 – $180

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The Late Boy Scout presents the Klecker KLAX in this video – a durable, versatile tool that can complete a number of tasks on the go. He’s out in the woods, and shows the tool, which comes in a sheath. The Klax is the “lumberjack version” of the hatchet, and is shaped like an axe head.

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The Klax is made of 420 medium carbon stainless steel, with a hardness of around HRc 45. It is a multi-tool, with many small, useful bits stored in the head. There’s a hammer, and an attachment clamping system that serves as a kind of handle. Or Klecker also sells a wooden handle so it’s easy enough to slip the head onto it and turn it into a regular-sized hatchet.

There’s a gut hook, a carabiner, a bottle opener, Ulu knife blade, knife blade, hex wrench set, ¼” hex bit driver socket, lanyard hole and ruler.

He tests the Klax out on some branches and pieces of wood, chopping and hacking to see if it performs well as a cutting tool. One negative is the sheath, which is not compatible with the whole device in the axe configuration with the handle. Although, it does a good enough job of keeping the blade safe and has a slit for a belt. Another downside is that the axe head shifts around a lot on the handle once it starts getting used, so it moves and bites into the handle at the start. But once the axe has been chopping for a while, it seems to stabilize.

The girth of the handle is extra weighty, which is good. Also, the handle is of good quality, and the holds well. He says it’s easy to swing and use because handle gives a good grip and does not encourage muscle fatigue. The standard chopping head has a nice angle, is sharp and obtuse so it’s tough and will take a long time to dull. Overall, it’s a good tool to have in emergency and survival situations.

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