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Knife Making – Blue Demon Knife

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The video from Marek Tabi demonstrates how to make a blue demon knife. The guy in the video starts with a design that has been outlined on a piece of wood using spray paint, which he cuts out using an electric saw. Then he takes this prototype to a belt grinder to smooth it out. The design is rather complicated, with a lot of curving lines and notches.

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He traces the wood piece onto a large piece of scrap steel and cuts out the design with the saw. The result is a very rough outline, so he clamps it and uses a grinder to etch out the blade, handle and complex parts. He runs it along the belt to smooth it out.

The knife-maker then creates a makeshift kiln outdoors with bricks and wood chips, and places the steel in the flame. When it’s hot, he takes it out and hammers the steel to lengthen out. He repeats the process of dipping the steel in the fire and hammering until he gets the length and width he wants, then runs it on the belt grinder again to make the knife point and to hone the edges. He makes the bevel of the blade and smooths out the surface of the whole knife.

He traces the handle of the steel onto two pieces of wood and cuts them out then smooths them on the belt. He cuts small steel pegs and drills holes in the handle and the wood pieces. The blade is tempered as well, giving it a blue sheen, which accounts for its name.

The wood pieces for the handle are sanded with a rasp and sandpaper then torched with a small blue flame until they turn black. The wood pieces are attached to the handle with glue, the pegs hammered in. He polishes the handle until it gleams black, giving the knife a really wicked-looking appearance.

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