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Knife Making – Making a hidden tang knife

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Jeremy from the Simple Little Life channel demonstrates his first attempt at how to make a hidden tang knife from scratch in his workshop, taking viewers through the whole process.

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He begins by taking some steel and spraying it with blue layout dye. He then lays the steel onto his work table and uses a pre-cut wooden model to pencil out the blade pattern onto the steel, using calipers to measure it accurately. He puts the piece of steel in a vise and cuts it to shape with an angle grinder, cutting out the blade and its tang in a rough shape.

He then takes the steel ad uses a belt grinder to smoothen out its edges and shape it some more then takes it back to the vise for some filing. He then cuts and polishes a smaller piece of steel, drilling some holes into it as well.

A piece of lumber goes under the saw to come out as thin slabs, one of which Jeremy marks and measures. He drills holes into one end of the wood block, widening it until it becomes a vertical slot. He does the same with a smaller piece of steel which eventually becomes a guard between the blade and the handle.

He fits the steel parts together to make sure everything is in their proper place, measuring and filing as he goes. He also fits the tang into the wood block to create a rudimentary handle. He then measures the rough blade and uses the belt and water to create a fine, sharp edge.

He cuts another tiny piece of wood and drills holes into the tang of the knife. Then he tempers the blade, taking it out later and dunking it to cool. He sticks the blade in an oven, takes it out and does more honing and polishing and whetting by hand and on some machines. He puts some sort of epoxy in the wooden handle and puts the tang in then shapes and whittles the handle to a specific design.

Lastly, he cuts down a steel tube to size and puts the cut pieces in the holes on the tang and handle, one on the edge to serve as a hanging loop. He gives everything a last measuring and some more honing and the end result is a neatly and solidly made full tang knife of a good size and weight, with a blade that looks very functional and a handsome, highly polished wooden handle.


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