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Knifemaking Friday Five #2 — Dec 23 2016 — Kydex Sheath Repair, New Tormach

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In this video, knifemaker Walter Sorrells shows a new addition to his shop and demonstrates a quick way of reviving an aging Kydex sheath.

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The latest addition to Walter’s shop is the Tormach 770 Personal CNC mill. Walter says that the Tormach will not only make it easier and faster to produce knives, but it also has a quality upside – the Tormach will allow Walter to standardize a lot of his procedures.

The Tormach 770 Personal CNC mill was designed from the round up for maximum versatility in a small CNC mill. It is made to cut through a wide range of materials, including plastic, light metals and aluminium. The Tormach 770 Personal CNC mill works on basic household 115VAC power.

The key feature of the Tormach 770 Personal CNC mill is the 10000RPM 1.0HP Dynamically Balanced Spindle System. The spindle is powered by a simple, low maintenance belt driven induction motor. Two belt ratios provide infinite speed control: 175 to 3,250 rpm in the low ratio, and 525 to 10,000 rpm in the high ratio. These two belt ratios result in a spindle system that is both powerful and nimble at the same time, making the Tormach much more versatile than other spindles on typical benchtop CNC mill systems.

Each spindle cartridge of the Tormach is dynamically balanced for smooth cutting performance at high speeds, which is a necessary  feature for engraving and light finishing with small diameter cutters.

The Tormach has a Unique Knock-down Design allows for installation in basement or other restricted spaces. The Tormach is suitable for benchtop use, but the optional stand is also available.

Walter then proceeds to show how easy it is to maintain a Kydex sheath. He uses a drill to pull the screws of the clip off the back of the sheath. He then takes a new clip and screws it on.


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