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Knives you don’t hand to people

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Lugermonger takes a closer look at the knives that should not be easily handed to people. The first on the list is the Paragon Warlock, which he has been carrying around the last few days, and made him realize that there are three different types of folding knives

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First is the type of knife you hand to somebody – basically, you can just give it without having to worry too much, just open it and give it, like the Delica 4. Handing these to anyone, whether they’re knife people or non-knife people or tactical people or a ten-year-old girl, isn’t so nerve-wracking. He does say it is imperative to warn people that a knife is sharp before handing it to them.

Then there are the knives that have to be opened before handing them to people. These are the knives that he says can be shared, but people need to see how they are opened so that they are able to use them safely and won’t hurt themselves. There’s a Barrage as an example. These knives usually have some sort of mechanism or buttons that need figuring out, so it’s easier to demonstrate.

Last are the knives that he does not hand to people, which includes the Paragon Warlock. He says he would rather hand a person a fixed blade rather than the Paragon, because he realized that nobody knows how to operate it. He will show people how to use it, but nobody seems to get the hang of it the first time. With the Paragon, everyone puts their hand on the double-edged blade to try to close it when they can’t get the blade back in, which is incredibly dangerous.

It’s the same with the balisong, because the problem here is that when people see it open, they start playing with it, which leads to accidents. Of course, he says that it’s different for knife guys, because then they’d know what they were doing.

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