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How to make a paper combat knife – paper weapons

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The video demonstrates how to make an 8-inch paper knife via origami, using only a sheet of A4 metallic paper, scotch tape, scissors, a ruler, very precise measurements, a lot of imagination and creativity. The results – a surprisingly realistic-looking weapon that can be quite capable of deterring would-be opponents, especially if it’s dark out and they can’t really see that your knife won’t exactly send them rushing to the emergency room.

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While some origami knives are said to be capable of making small cuts, it’s better for you to ty this at home and find out (not on yourself or other people). Otherwise, this is a great prop item for any number of purposes!

Fun TV, the maker of the video, also has several other links on how to make paper guns that shoot and other paper weapons.

Origami is the art of paper folding, ori meaning “folding” and kami meaning “paper.” Often associated with Japanese culture, origami has now become an umbrella term for all kinds of paper folding, regardless of where they come from or folding practices. The goal of origami is to turn a flat piece of paper into a finished, three-dimensional sculpture primarily through folding, though some cutting and sculpting techniques may be used as well.

There are several basic origami folds that can be combined to make any number of intricate objects and designs, the most popular being the paper crane. Most modern origami artists discourage the use of cutting, glue or any adhesive, maintaining that origami is purely folding. The general size of paper used for origami is square.

Origami has been practiced in Japan since the Edo period in the 1600s, where the size of the paper did not really matter. The principles of origami have also been applied to physical sciences such as packaging, stents and other engineering purposes.


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