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Making Damascus Steel Brass Knuckles – The World’s Fanciest Brass Knucks?

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Walter Sorrells is well-known for his knife-making, but he goes a bit out of the box in this video by making something completely different, if it is still a weapon: brass knuckles. He shows how to make a pair of brass knuckles from hand-forged Damascus steel and how to mill the final product on a CNC milling machine – the street fighting accessory gets a rather fancy upgrade here (although Walter does point out that these are not even made from brass).

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Walter begins by describing brass knuckles as brutal, and not the classiest, of weapons. They’re usually crudely made of soft metals, and come in a one-size-fits-all mold that doesn’t always fit a wearer’s hand comfortably. But using Damascus steel and milling them to measure gives brass knuckles a strength and precision that is most probably not even necessary.

He starts by cutting out small pieces of steel and clamping them together to layer them. The whole pile is heat-treated then hammered and forged to size. The resulting block of steel is measured, cut, stacked and heat-treated a second time. The pieces are machined, cut lengthwise and smoothened out. Holes are drilled through the pieces.

Walter developed a design via a software, using his hand’s measurements. He cuts the steel and shapes the profile of the brass knuckles – a slow and exacting process where the mill contours the steel according to the design indicated. It also moves to shape the holes where the hand would fit, and engraves the name of Walter’s company on the handle. Some finishing touches include smoothing out the edges, screwing the whole thing down tight, and cleaning up the machine marks on the grinder.

When all is done (after three 10-12 hour days of work), Walter has beautiful brass knuckles bearing the Tactix Armory logo – it actually looks too pretty to use in a real fight, but there’s no doubt this would be a scary weapon to encounter.

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