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A Multi-Tool Like No Other: Gerber Center-Drive

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The Late Boy Scout presents the Gerber Gear Center Drive Multi-Tool, which he says he has become a fan of. It is a center-line driver with a 3-inch, sheep’s foot knife, and quick-deploy pliers that make it an easy-to-use, fun tool.

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This full-sized multi-tool has some cool innovations never before seen. The multi-tool comes with a couple of different packages. The one he has is made of black nylon and has a belt sheath, and has a bit kit with 12 different bits. One of the best things Gerber has been doing so far with its multi-tools is the spring-loaded pliers that can easily flick out – no buttons needed, and retracting is done through a slide. Once the pliers slide in, the whole thing is closed, with no extra protrusions.

The outside tools include the long, full-sized folding knife that is an impressive length for a multi-tool. Then there’s the bit driver, which is where the center drive gets its name. The driver clips into place on the handle, and is bent at an angle when flipped out, so that it actually brings the driver in line with the center of the tool, which means it is more efficient when used in screwing and such. He says he tested it, and he found that the center drive gives a good reach and convenience – the new design does make a difference.

The bits are magnetic, so it’s easy to switch them out. There’s a bit holder on the handle, as well, which is convenient. In addition, there’s the wire cutters, the pry bar which is also a bottle opener, a wood and metal file, a wicked-looking, sharp awl, a serrated blade – all of which lock into place and lock back into place. There’s a ruler built into the grip, too.

This is a good selection, with excellent functionality and a very handsome design. Gerber really thought this multi-tool through.


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