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Spyderco Para 3: First Look!

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This video features the Late Boy Scout discussing the new Spyderco Para 3, giving viewers a first look at Spyderco’s latest offering – still unreleased. It is basically a scaled down version of the Paramilitary 2 knife, with all of the structure and ergonomic advantages of the bigger knife, while cutting back on weight and size. The Late Boy Scout thinks it’s the knife to watch out for and to buy in 2017.

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The new knife is called the Para 3, not “Paramilitary” like the other knives, which he thinks is a bit odd. He says the reason for that is because the first knife was the Paramilitary, followed by the Paramilitary 2, which had some upgrades. Since this one is a small version of the second and not a redesign or anything, he thinks it should probably have a different name.

The Para 3 is a compact, sleek-looking pocket knife with a triangular blade. He puts it on the table with the Paramilitary 2, and the size difference is obvious – he measures both to check on specs. When it comes to weight, there is only a small difference between the two – just around .3 ounces.

When it comes to durability and functionality, he thinks the Para 3 will deliver, judging by the Paramilitary 2. The Para 3 is bound to be a good, compact EDC knife for anyone, he says. The Para 3 is more pocket-friendly, there’s a pocket clip, a lanyard hole, a re-contoured handle, finger groove fro control. The pocket clip is also fully repositionable for either left or right-handed use.

He says what he likes about Spyderco is that they put some thought into their products – when they make smaller versions of existing knives, they don’t just shrink it down, but redesign accordingly.

He also brings in other knives from Spyderco and other manufacturers for comparison, and says it all comes down to preference.


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