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Crossbow Shotgun! Zubin X340

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The video from TwangnBang features the Zubin X340 crossbow shotgun. It opens with a practice round, as the bows hit targets on a range.

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He says he couldn’t wait to get his hands on the crossbow after Zubin contacted him and told him what the weapon was – he tends to enjoy new ideas, no matter if they’re impractical. The X340 shoots both arrows and sabots filled with lead shots, and does well at a budget price – just under $500. Zubin claims this is the world’s most versatile crossbow.

The name comes from its speed of 340 feet per second, with a peak draw weight of 170 lbs and a 13.5 inch power stroke. The most notable feature is that instead of an open-top rail, this crossbow has a true barrel with cuts for arrow veins and sabots. It’s packed full of features and advanced technology, and comes in a package with a TruGlo 4×32 illuminated scope and rings, 6 Black Eagle arrows, a 3 arrow quiver, cocking rope and 10 pre-loaded sabots. Each sabot has 16 pellets, and the sabot is bright orange so they’re easy to spot.

He demonstrates how the crossbow should be drawn using the cocking rope, and practices loading arrows. He then fires the arrows at a target, hitting them squarely. He says it has a budget feel when it comes to safety, but the trigger has a decent pull and accuracy is not a problem. He then loads the sabot, and says it’s his main complaint because it’s not such a safe process. To load a sabot, the shooter must place fingers in the shot path and latch failures may happen. When a latch fails on a cocked crossbow, the string is released, so if a shooter’s hand is in front of a projectile, it means instant injury. While it’s a low-probability event, but there is a risk.

The design causes the sabot to split after it’s fired, and he fires it a few times to see how effective the sabots are. As it turns out, they punch through the target pretty well and are quite capable of doing damage. Overall, it’s a lot of fun to shoot and he has some recommendations.

First, there are 6 arrows in the pack, but the 22-inch length is too short, in his opinion, so says to get 24-inch broadheads. Next is the section of rail that is a manning point for the quiver, which he says should be Picatinny for more accessories to get on there. Lastly, the kinetic energy is enough to shoot a squirrel at close range, but his preference is something with more energy.

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