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Knife Missile Cannon

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In the video, Matt from Demolition Ranch and Robert from LunkersTV test out a couple of can cannons. There’s another guy in Robert’s RGR 1000, who will drive past the two guys, who will then fire tennis balls at him.

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They load the can cannons up, and the buggy drives past at high speed a few times, but the tennis balls still hit him every time. For those who don’t know what a can cannon is, Matt gives it a quick once-over. The mount is an AR-15, and the upper is a cannon. There is a tiny barrel with small holes in it. Blank cartridges are loaded in the AR. The cartridges fire pressure out through the holes, which fills up the cannon’s chamber and propels whatever projectile is in there out the end. Matt demonstrates with a soda can, which pops out of the cannon with a loud bang.

Soda cans are the usual choice of ammunition for can cannons. But the experiment they’re trying is to shoot a Bowie missile – a Bowie knife with fins and a soda can attached to the end of it, which fits perfectly into a can cannon. It’s a wicked-looking weapon, which they will shoot at a pumpkin. The Bowie knife goes right through the pumpkin, shoving the pumpkin off its stand. They try shooting the Bowie projectile up in the air, where it doesn’t get far before flopping straight down again.

The second projectile is an arrow of sorts with fins and a fishing reel at the end of it. They fire it at a cinder block, but the block stops it and the head of the missile disintegrates. They shoot the missile straight up, and it goes a longer way than the Bowie knife projectile. They also try shooting both projectiles from the buggy a number of times, and again from the ground, just for fun.

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