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Shooting 10 Arrows at Once…

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Matt takes a quick reprieve from guns and crosses over to shooting arrows for this episode. But in true Demolition Ranch fashion, it’s not just any bow and arrow trick, but an epic attempt at firing…ten arrows at once. He saw a trailer for Assassin’s Creed Origins, which partly explains this.

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But before he does, he airs some gripes regarding YouTube’s ever-changing policies: a five-year-old video he had posted, that had five million views and which he credits turned his channel around, was suddenly taken down because he was told the content did not meet standards — that did not exist when he uploaded the video, Matt points out. Therefore, he sticks to calling his channel “Demonetization Ranch” for now. They also gave him a channel strike, which is a new point system wherein if he gets 3 channel strikes, YouTube can delete his channel.

In the trailer, this guy pulls out a bow, loads it with five arrows and kills five guys. So, of course, it is but natural that Matt should give it a try. He gets into the physics of it a bit, saying that he theorizes two arrows would only get half the energy to propel them forward. Therefore, ten arrows would each get a tenth, which wouldn’t be enough to get them moving past a few feet. So would it be possible to even aim, let alone hit more than one bad guy with more than one arrow?

Two arrows won’t fit on the rest, so he takes the rest out completely. It would be sad, he says, if he got hurt doing a bow and arrow stunt when he’s been doing gun stuff for years and had been fine. He’s never fired without the arrow rest. He tries firing one without the rest, and ups it to two. They both hit the target with enough force. It’s on to three arrows. He fires sideways and the arrows all punch through the target, though with less force than the single arrow.

Matt goes for four, and one misses the target, but the others stick up to around three inches deep into the target. Then he fires five at once, and a single for comparison. The single went in around eight inches, and while all five arrows stuck, they were in only around two inches deep. Then he fires eight, two of which miss the target. He had to take out the sights so they would all fit.

It’s ten arrows now, and while a bunch of them hit the target, none of them stuck. He tries five arrows again, and says they do punch through pretty well. So the question is, would you rather be shot with one arrow that has all the momentum or five arrows that have less momentum?

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