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How To Weaponize Garden Hose Stuff (Homemade Spear Launcher)

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The video is a how-to on making a homemade spear launcher from a garden hose. The maker of the video gives step-by-step instructions on how to turn an ordinary item found in your home into a weapon, using only the most basic materials to DIY.

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Garden hoses are seen as pretty harmless equipment, but with the right skills and knowledge, anyone can weaponize it. The maker of the video uses two PVC pipes, one of which fits neatly over the end of the other while still being able to get pulled in and out – a flared end stops the other pipe from falling off the first, larger one. The bigger barrel is going to be the arrow and the thinner one is the barrel.

To make this, you’ll need a garden hose that has a trigger-type valve that turns water on and off, and a nozzle, like watering wands. Saw off the end with the actual hose, leaving the pipe and the trigger in place, and thicken the remaining pipe with duct tape.

Slide the larger PVC pipe over the garden hose, and use a hose clamp to tighten and attach the pipe to the end of the trigger. Use a wooden dowel and fit it onto the PVC pipe, and use a drill to make a hole on the end of the wooden dowel. Screw a nail onto the wooden dowel and attach the dowel onto the thinner PVC pipe.

Take a large threaded tube, the bigger the better, and one that has an end cap on it. Drill a hole onto the end of the end cap and attach a compressor valve to it. Attach all the parts together – pipes, tube and trigger. To fire, use a bike or tire pump attached to the valve to pump air into the spear, put in the arrow over the barrel and fire the trigger to shoot the homemade arrow. Depending on the size of the nail you attached to the wooden dowel, the arrow does pretty impressive damage when fired.

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