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World’s Fastest & Most Powerful Crossbow! Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme

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TwangnBang introduces the Scorpyd Ventilator Extreme in this video. He begins by saying it figures that the company to meet Scorpyd’s fastest crossbow record would be its own product.

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In 2010, Scorpyd introduced the world’s fasted and most powerful commercially available crossbow, the RDT165. In 2015, Scorpyd upgraded three of its models to the Extreme, each sharing the new title of fastest and most powerful commercially available crossbows in the world.

The 175# laminated Barnsdale limbs generate 173 lb ft of kinetic energy and launch a 400gr arrow at 440fps. The Velocity Extreme weighs only 8.1 pounds with a balance point right below the riser. Retail for the base crossbow kit is $1,529.95 or $1,829.95 as outfitted in this video.

The Ventilator Extreme is extremely accurate, capable of putting an arrow in the same hole five times ina row at 25 yards. This power upgrade is faster and lighter than the original, with new features that makes it easier to handle and much more efficient. It’s built for both speed and precision, and for hunting in even the roughest conditions. It has a Hawk crossbow optic, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It’s a high-performing crossbow with a 18.5-inch power stroke, and can generate a huge amount of force. The bow has nearly perfectly parallel limbs, meaning it’s a very smooth-shooting crossbow, which is unusual for its size. Scorpyd really figured out the design, putting performance in a shorter, lighter package without sacrificing accuracy – improving it, even.

He takes the Ventilator Extreme out for some shooting, and says it’s the most accurate and faster commercially produced crossbow in the world so far, getting nothing but bulls-eyes the whole time he was firing. This is a hunting crossbow, with a folding stock for easier cocking and can even be mounted on a tripod. He demonstrates drawing the bow using a rope cocker.

All in all, this is one excellent crossbow that will be on his channel a lot going forward, because of the record it holds.


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