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The 50BMG + 8000 Firecracker Bonfire

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In one of his most explosive – and likely highly dangerous – experiments to date, Matt from Demolition Ranch welcomes the New Year with a literal bang: they collected all the Christmas trees they had, put fireworks on them and lit them up.

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Matt points out that Demolition Ranch has done this every year for the past five years, every time the New Year rolled in. And every year, they try to outdo themselves. So this time, he has 11 Christmas trees with 8,000 Black Cats attached to them. There are even some bottle rockets. The plan is to go back a safe distance and shoot the whole pile with armor-piercing incendiary rounds to celebrate like only Demolition Ranch can.

They’re in a field at night, with Operator Drewski around. They’ll be using the M1A 308 and the Serbu BFG50. There’s a metal plate in the Christmas tree pile, which when hit should ignite the trees and send the fireworks flying.

They aim and fire, hitting the steel and successfully sending sparks flying immediately. The fireworks start sizzling, the blaze grows, there’s a large explosion and the Black Cats start shooting out and up in the air. In slow motion, it’s a spectacular sight to behold – perhaps the most unusual way to get literal fireworks started.

The show goes on for a while and the blaze gets really high, but the fireworks keep shooting out in an epic display of light and color. Matt notes that last year, they spread the trees and fireworks out, and this year they bundled everything together. So the fireworks burned up pretty quickly in one big show, instead of a slow burn.

As responsible citizens, they put out the grass fires they started, as he says it’s been dry in Texas so there’s a good chance they might accidentally ignite bigger fires. He wishes everyone a happy 2017 before signing off.

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