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AR15 Burrito Eating Challenge With FuriousPete

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In this video uploaded by the Demolition Ranch, Matt invites Pete of FuriousPete to a Burrito Eating Challenge with a twist – each one has to assemble an AR-15, eat an entire burrito, and then chug a bottle of beer as fast as he can. The winner will be the one who finishes first.

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An AR-15 is a selective-fire, 5.56×45mm, magazine-fed rifle that was created after the Second World War. At present, the AR-15 has many variations, but it was primarily designed as a lightweight assault rifle that can fire a high velocity small caliber cartridge.

The design of the AR-15 was based on the Armalite AR-10 rifle. After several rounds of modifications, (most notably, the charging handle was moved from under the rifle to the rear of the receiver), the AR-15 was adopted by the military of the United States as the M16 rifle. It then went into mass production in 1964.

The AR-15 weighs around 2.27 kilograms to 3.9 kilograms. A military standard AR-15 has a barrel length of 14.5 inches, which a civilian standard has a barrel length of 16 inches. The AR-15 has an effective firing range of 550 meters. It also has adjustable front and rear iron sights.

Most AR-15 rifles are intermediate cartridge magazine-fed and are semi-automatic. These rifles also feature a rotating lock bolt. Today, some of the variants of the AR-15 include a short-barreled rifle, semi-automatic pistol, designated marksman rifle, carbine and modern sporting rifle. Many companies also manufacture AR-15s, such as ArmaLite, Colt, Stag Arms, DPMS Panther Arms, Smith & Wesson, Bushmaster, Rock River Arms, Ruger, Remington Arms, Daniel Defense and Olympic Arms.

In the Burrito Eating Challenge, Matt finishes assembling his AR-15 first. Pete catches up to him by eating his burrito really fast. Both guys chug their beers nearly at the same time. At the end of the contest, Matt and Pete finish within milliseconds of each other, rendering the challenge a tie.

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