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Blowing up 1000 Peeps!? EXPLOSIVES vs. Marshmallows – Slow Motion & FN SCAR | Peep Mayhem ep. 4

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In this episode, Kirsten takes on a sticky, colorful yet oddly endearing target – a mountain of marshmallow peeps. She asks in the caption, “Ever want to see 1000 marshmallow peeps explode, blowing up into a massive rain of colors and overall rainbow marshmallow candy destruction? Me too.”

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Kirsten uses her FN SCAR to fire at 1,000 marshmallow peeps, and says that the aftermath just may be more interesting than the explosion itself.

The video begins with images of boxes of marshmallow peeps, and Kirsten holds up her FN SCAR. She says she’ll bet money that viewers have seen these fun food items blow up in microwaves, but how do they hold up to actual explosives?

Those who have been watching her videos already know that Kirsten has a long history of curiosity with regards to marshmallow peeps – she has actually done other videos featuring them. She’s fired bullets through the marshmallows to see how many would it take to stop a shot point-blank, and she’s even made a bullet-proof vest out of the stuff.

A clip shows boxes of peeps being unpacked and opened, and Kirsten says it took a very long time to get all thousand peeps out and set this up. She put the exploding target in the middle, and piled the marshmallows around it.

She fires from a distance, and there’s some wind. Kirsten fires, and the pile explodes, sending colorful peeps flying everywhere. In slow motion, the bullet leaves the gun and causes a small fireball in the marshmallow mountain – the marshmallow pieces hurtle quite a long way all around the field, in around a 50-60 meter radius.

Kirsten remarks that there’s so much variation from the explosion – some peeps are flattened, some are deflated, some have holes, some have melted, others were really ground to just bits. She inspects the aftermath, calling the explosion ridiculous, and if seen from above, it would look like a rainbow impact zone.

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