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Blowing Up A Gun Safe – The Toughest Gun Safe with Furious Pete

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In this Demolition Ranch video, Matt tests the toughest gun safe. He shows off his new gun safe, a Liberty National Classic that holds 40 long guns. It has a huge steel plate with a three-inch door, so his guns will always stay safe. It’s also lit inside so the items are easily visible. There’s pistol storage in the door, rifle storage in one corner, and he shows that his 50 caliber fits inside – which is cool. There are customizable movable shelves that won’t scratch the guns, and a warmer.

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Matt said he wanted to test it, so he asked Liberty if they could send a safe he could destroy, and he didn’t think they would agree, but they did. He says many manufacturers won’t agree because they think he’ll destroy their merchandise and make them look bad, but Liberty was quite confident, and Matt says he doubts he can pierce the steel of the safe, anyway.

He got the safe Liberty sent, and managed to get its 855-pound weight outdoors. He says he feels a little bad because it’s a very good safe, but he likes blowing things up. With him is Furious Pete, a Canadian who has never shot a gun in his life. Matt is going to break him in with this experiment.

Pete starts by shooting the 50 BMG, and hits the target. Mel, a lady with them, shoots a 22LR out of a pistol next and hits, hardly making a dent but scratching the paint. The 9mm made a slight dent, and the Desert Eagle 50 AE made a shallow dent. The 500 Magnum was up next, and the lead bullet splattered and made a few nicks and scratches. The 12-gauge shotgun made a deeper impression, the AR-15 hit and the bullet got caught in the metal, making a hole. The 308 made a bigger hole and hollowed out the door.

Matt tries a hollow incendiary round, which exploded when it hit and while it made it through the front, I didn’t penetrate. An extreme penetrator bullet made a hole, but nothing made it through so far. Last is a regular 50 full metal jacket, which hit the center and jammed the safe closed. They try to open it by shooting some more 50 rounds, which went through all the way to the back, and some incendiary rounds that blasted through to the back, but the safe stayed closed.


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