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Cam Hanes: Arrow + Spray Paint = Explosion of Color

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This video from Rated Red shows Cam Hanes performing a trick shot with a bow and arrow. Richard Ryan is on hand as a guest, and they experiment on cans of spray paint. Hanes is an Under Armour-sponsored athlete.

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There are a few clips of Hanes using the bow and arrow to make a number of things explode, then slow motion footage of him firing an arrow, which goes straight through some cans of spray paint. The cans are shown exploding, sending red and blue paint showering everywhere. In real time, when the arrow hits the cans, they explode in a ball of fire almost immediately.

When the camera pans to the table where the cans were standing, there’s a pattern of red and blue paint across it, and the cans not only have holes, but are severely damaged. At the end of the clip, the guys are spraying the area with water from a hose.

Cameron Hanes is a professional bowhunter. In an article in Archery 360, he says he trains like a professional athlete. He field-tests Under Armour’s camo to ensure that the products are up to par. He also gets up close and personal with nature, and with the wild meat he actively pursues. He says, “I bowhunt only, so I’m close to the animals. My whole thing is stealth and getting close. Archery is an up-close and personal challenge.”

Hanes is very much aware of how hunters are perceived, and addresses the misconceptions about them. “In reality, we care about the animals we hunt and love the country the animals live in. I prepare for the hunt like a professional athlete prepares. If I’m going to kill the animal, I need to be my best, and I want it to be an ethical kill. It’s a big deal to take an animal’s life and it’s not like buying a steak at the grocery store. There’s so much reverence in that moment. There’s a life at stake and if I’m not the best, I’m not honoring that life,” he says.


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