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Can You Defeat Steel Armor with a Campfire?

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Matt of Demolition Ranch tires to defeat steel armor with a campfire in this episode of Demolition Ranch. He begins the video by showing a steel armor plate has that is used to guard doors and such. It’ Armox 600T that is 3/16 of an inch thick, which makes it pretty hard.

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He has shot a regular .556 bullet, which it stopped without any damage, but for the purpose of this test, Matt wants to find out just how durable it is. Almost all armor plates are fairly brittle, he says, and he assumes that this one is tougher and harder.

He shoots the armor plate with some rounds, including green tips, which are known for piercing body armor. So far, all rounds hit the armor without causing considerable damage. He then tries something bigger, namely a .308 that has more power to it.

Matt shoots the gun, and both cheap and expensive rounds made it through. So he decides to take things a step further. He builds a bonfire and when it has been going for about an hour, wherein he keeps feeding the fire, and he’ll try shooting through the fire.

He puts more wood on the fire so the coals sink down better, and he waits until the fire and coals are really hot. Then he shoots and both bullets go through. He switches to some green tips, and they go straight through the targets.

Matt moves to the “weaker” rounds and inspects the damage they might have made. Then he switches to some unusual bullets for the experiment, and finds that the bullets went through the armor and bonfire.

Then he goes to other guns to see which ones  blocked the campfire, using some of his high-end guns. He manages to get the bullets and armor plate out and presents the holes his bullet made.

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