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Can Negan’s Bat Stop a Bullet?

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Matt at Demolition Ranch answers a real, life-changing question in this experiment: can Negan’s bat stop a bullet?

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For those who have been living under a rock, Negan is a popular character from the television show and comic book series, “The Walking Dead.” He is an antagonist, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the show, who appeared in the series’ sixth season finale. Negan carries a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire, which he named Lucille after his late wife.

Matt’s intro is an answer to the question, “What is the most American thing he can think of?” In an exaggerated southern drawl, he says the answer is, “Me, with an AR-15 made out of a bald eagle.” He realizes that would mean killing a bald eagle, so he changes it to, “Me, but I am a bald eagle, and my wings are made out of AR-15s.”

He then does an imitation of Negan, while wielding his own version of the infamous Louisville slugger. He says in the last episode, Rosita tries to shoot Negan with a 9mm pistol, and he blocks the shot with his bat. So he wants to find out if it’s possible.

He has an Arex 9mm with him – a Slovenian pistol, his first Slovenian weapon. In the show, Matt says the bullet didn’t hit barbed wire, just the wood, and it stopped. So he fixes the bat upright on the ground and shoots it. In slow motion, the bullet can be seen going through wire, into the bat and out the end, effectively damaging it.

Matt shoots the bat again, aiming for the thickest part. The bullet went straight through the center and out the back. There is some discussion on how much gunpowder would have been available in the show’s post-apocalyptic world. While it is definitive that the bat would not have stopped the bullet, Negan would probably not have died because the bullet stopped right at the edge of the wood.

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