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Cannon VS 1 Ton of Water

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The boys at Iraqveteran8888 pit a Parrott rifle against 2,200 pounds of water in this wet and wild experiment. The video starts with Eric and John discussing an old-fashioned cannon and a blowtorch present, and Eric gives a quick overview of the setup they have for the episode.

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There’s a vat filled with water, and they’re going to launch a one-and-a-half pound projectile at the vat. That’s about 10,500 grains moving about 1250 yielding around 46,000 pounds of energy. A 50BMG is around 12,500, so this is four times that.

They have plenty of cameras to record the experiment, and Eric says he has no idea what’s going to happen. He says he feels like they should just light the fuse and get out of there, for safety’s sake. John touches the blowtorch to the cannon, the fuse lights, and the cannon fires. The recoil moves the cannon back a few feet, while the projectile causes the vat of water to explode in a tornado-like storm. There’s plenty of smoke, too.

Upon inspection, the plastic sheets holding the vat together have been torn apart. They fished around and found the projectile, which appeared to have flown around the vat, as it is now completely pancaked, with a large pit blown through the middle of it – like a giant Portobello mushroom. They say that what’s good is they can see the rifling even with the damage, and it looks like it ripped the back clean off the bullet.

In slow motion, the round can be seen leaving the cannon in a burst of smoke and is engulfed in the sudden water explosion so its path can’t be seen. The wooden crate holding the vat together was not damaged, though. John remarks that if they ever need to stop a cannon, now they know how to do it – with plenty of water, apparently.

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