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Are Computer Hard Drives Bulletproof?

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Matt from Demolition Ranch starts the video off with a quick skit on the ongoing YouTube “adpocalypse,” where advertisers are pulling out of the video-sharing site because of negative media attention.

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He then shows his new target, a steel plate that is ¾ inch AR500 steel. The target comes with a collapsible stand so that it can be disassembled and can fit in a really small space. He then gets into the “meat” of the episode: a bunch of hard drives that someone sent him, and two old-school monitors. He has wanted to see how bulletproof these are, but he’s taking it one step further and will check how far a bullet will go.

There are three small hard drives stacked against a Panasonic Toughbook, leaning against two old, bulky monitors. In classic Demo Ranch style, Matt will start with a small caliber then work his way up to bigger guns.

He starts with a Walther P22, aiming for the steel target first, then the hard drive. Upon inspection, the first hard drive just took a dent, meaning it is bulletproof against a .22 long rifle. He follows it up with a .45 ACP. The first hard drive took some damage, and the bullet dented the second hard drive.

Matt switches to the Desert Eagle, with a .50 AE. He hit the hard drive, and the bullet had toppled the first hard drive, hit the laptop through the first monitor, shattering the monitor’s glass. He shows the newest addition to the collection: a Henry Big Boy silver chambered in .357 Magnum. He fires, and the bullet topples everything on the table. He nicked the edges of the hard drives, into the Toughbook, but did not exit the laptop.

He shows the Mayor’s Legs, which is a shorter version of the Henry, classified as a pistol. He steps it up with a .556 out of an AR-15, and fires. The bullet didn’t move anything on the table, but it did pierce through the hard drives, stopping on the third one. He uses the SOCOM 16, and the round went straight through the three hard drives, stopped in the laptop. Then it’s on to the 50BMG, which also shoves everything off the table. The round went through the hard drives, the laptop and the first monitor, piercing the table, as well.

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