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How Deep into Dirt Will It Go?

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Matt of Demolition Ranch begins the video by saying that he’s a fan of zombies and everything zombie-related. He loves The Walking Dead, he plays a lot of zombie video games, and he’s got an upcoming cameo in a zombie movie.

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Zombie Gunship Survival sponsored this video, which is exactly what it sounds like – you shoot zombies, from an airplane, raining down bullets while protecting your base and troops on the ground while taking out zombies. There’s a sample clip from the game, and the guns used to attack said zombies.

All this got him wondering: if you shoot bullets from the air, how deep would they go into the ground? So, Matt decides to find out by standing on a cliff, which is around 40 feet tall, and he’ll be shooting into the dirt below. He’ll be using a few guns for the experiment. He shows how it looks from the bottom of the cliff, and notes that it won’t be a straight-down shot.

He starts with the 1911 chambered in .45 ACP, shooting into the water first. He switches to a 500 Magnum, using a large revolver. Then he uses a rifle, chambered in 308 (it looks like the Demolition Ranch rifle). Then there’s the 50BMG, which he shoots three times as well.

Matt bikes down to the dirt and discovers that it’s going to be quite difficult to look for the bullets. He spots the holes made by the larger bullets, and starts digging. He finds shrapnel, mostly lead and copper, meaning the bullet smashed upon hitting the ground. The 500 Magnum went in about five inches.

He finds a few more holes, and digs but doesn’t come up with anything, particularly the 308. He tries looking for the BMGs, and makes an interesting discovery about one bullet’s trajectory, which looked like it made a turn in the ground and scored the dirt coming out of some roots. He fires the 50BMG again, and there are two big holes where the bullets hit. He could not, however, find the bullets.

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