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Desert Eagle vs Raptor Window

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In this episode of FullMag, Richard Ryan takes on the window of a Ford F-150 Raptor. He begins by telling viewers not to worry about the truck, as he’s not going to blow it up. But since he did crack the windshield during an experiment he conducted, he might as well see how the window holds up against a .50 caliber bullet.

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Richard segues into a quick discussion on YouTube videos, how they’re made, what they cost and the new algorithms that are in place, reminding viewers to click the thumbs-up button as he figures out where to go next. He gives a behind-the-scenes example: he needs insurance to conduct explosion experiments, which isn’t cheap. He also needs a license for blasting and such, and combined with state permits and stuff, the costs can really add up.

He then proceeds with the experiment, using a Desert Eagle. He fires, and the bullet goes through the window of the Raptor, smashing it instantly. As usual, he does the slow motion shots that show the bullet leaving the gun to hit the glass, where the impact causes a spiderweb fracture that eventually breaks it. On closer inspection, the glass has flown into the cab of the truck, but it is pretty thick glass. He does say that the safety glass did its job, as it didn’t blow into a thousand pieces, but shattered in a whole piece.

Richard then goes on to tape up the busted window, saying there’s supposed to be a thunderstorm in the next few days and that this should do the trick in waterproofing the truck somewhat. The window actually doesn’t look like it was busted after he’s done with the tape, and he does the same to the portion of the windshield that has a crack in it.

The IMI Desert Eagle that he used in the experiment is from Magnum, and is known for chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any self-loading semi-automatic handgun.

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