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DRY ICE vs the FIFTY! (Mind Blown!!!)

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In this episode of Demolition Ranch, Matt takes on a bunch of targets. Before he does, he debuts the new Demo Ranch shirt, which he claims is bullet-proof. He puts the shirt on the dummy (Lieutenant Dan) and shoots the whole thing with a 50BMG. There’s a watermelon behind the dummy, and Matt fires. Needless to say, the bullet tears a hole in the shirt and smashes the watermelon.

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Matt and Rob from Lunkers decided that they wanted to compete, so they came up with American shirts for Fourth of July. They then teamed up for this experiment. They wanted to see what would stop a 50BMG, and wanted to pick things they absolutely were not sure would do the job.

They have some blocks of dry ice, which is harder than normal ice, stacked over 18 inches thick. There’s a watermelon on one end. Matt fires and the whole stack explodes in a fiery cloud, shooting bits and pieces and clouds in all directions. The 50BMG is intact and frozen among the pieces – the copper was stripped off, but the lead is whole. The watermelon is, surprisingly and contrary to expectations, also undamaged, without a scratch on it, though it fell off the table.

Matt and Rob are very much surprised at the results, as the bullet is not even dented or damaged in any way, and Matt says this is the first time he’s recovered a 50BMG in one of these crazy experiments. The pieces he was able to recover in the past have been hot or warm, and this one is really cold. Rob says this is incredibly crazy.

They move on to hay bales, stacked six feet thick. Rob fires an incendiary round, and there is a flash. The bullet went through the stack and killed the watermelon. They put a steel armor plate in the middle of the hay bales and fire another incendiary round. There is a spark, but no fire, though the middle of the hay bales are burnt black.

They target three sandbags next, piled in a row in front of the watermelon. They fire, and the 50BMG stopped by the second sandbag. They fire a blacktip at the bags, and once again, the third sandbag stays intact.

They then pile 43 ceramic tiles in a long row on the table, and predict that the round won’t go through to the watermelon. Matt takes the shot and the round goes through about a third of the tiles, but the rest remain standing. They shoot a tree, as well. The 50BMG went through 8-10 inches of the trunk, and they shot at a second tree trunk, and the bullet went through.

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