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Exploding Chalk?? Shooting Chalk With A Gun! – Target Test #2

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The video from Kirsten Joy Weiss is an experiment on what would happen if colored chalk were blown up with a gun. She says she wanted to know if chalk would make a good, fun target on the range, and find out whether or not it would explode. She adds that people told her that chalk would explode, of course, and she wanted to see for herself.

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Kirsten says before she did the experiment, she was aware that chalk had the potential to be a cheap, challenging but easy to set up reactive target. It was something she thought would be fun to do.

In this, she uses a Volquartsen Ultra-Lite 22 rifle and a B.A.D. BAD556LW AR-15 rifle. There is a box of colored chalk in the introduction, which she shows before setting it up on her range. She stuck the chalk in a hole (which she remarks might be a snake’s hole). She aims and fires with the 22 rifle, hitting the piece of chalk dead-on.

The footage of the shot is shown in slow motion, and a large chunk of pink chalk can be seen flying off the piece that was in the ground. She switches to the AR-15, puts another piece of chalk on the ground and fires. She hits the soil, and tries again. This time, the chalk explodes. She notes that all the shooting exposed a “big old snake den.”

She continues firing some more, and the chalk keeps exploding, albeit low on the ground. Kirsten ends by saying that whoever told her chalk would explode in a big puff of chalk dust was obviously mistaken, as she was expecting more dramatic results. She rates the firing level as intermediate, saying a horizontal target is fairly difficult, but with vertical, there’s a little bit of room to play with.

Ultimately, she says she still had fun and it’s good to switch things up every now and then.

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