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Fidget Spinner Card Split Trick Shot

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22plinkster joins the fidget spinner craze, but puts his own spin on it – he tries out a trick shot using a fidget spinner and a playing card. He opens the video by saying that the audience has seen him split playing cards hundreds of thousands of times before, but he can promise viewers that no one has ever done this before.

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So he had an idea: what if he could split a playing card while it was spinning on a fidget spinner? He has one of the toys screwed onto a piece of board and sticks a playing card onto the fidget spinner with some tape. Then he spins the toy as hard and fast as he can before backing up 20 feet. He’ll be using the Franken-pistol to make the shot (a customized Victory).

He’ll be using some Federal Gold Medal match ammunition. He has used this ammo before to show how well it groups, and they shoot extremely well. He spins the toy, backs up, and fires. It takes a few tries to split the card – the first time, the bullet goes through, but doesn’t completely split the card, leaving just a small piece hanging off.

22plinkster puts another card in, spins the fidget spinner and tries again. This time, the camera shows in slow motion how the bullet passes lengthwise through the card, shearing off the top half. He says if anyone has any ideas what to use a fidget spinner for in trick shots, just put it in the comments.

Fidget spinners are a newfangled toy that marketers say relieves stress. The most common and basic kind consists of a bearing in the center, with three “blades” or arms with holes. It supposedly helps those with attention disorders, anxiety or autism by serving as a form of release. A fidget spinner can be made of any number of materials. They were invented in the 1990s, but are seeing a resurgence this 2017.

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