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Firing A Pistol Submerged In Gasoline…

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Matt conducts another crazy experiment — this time, as if firing a gun weren’t dangerous enough, he involves gasoline. As in, he submerges a pistol in the flammable stuff.

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He begins by looking for his hose (it is exactly what it sounds like). He just got a Steyr M9-A1, and gives a quick background on it. These have been around for close to a decade now, but this is the first time they’ve introduced a green-framed model. This is a full-sized 9mm with 15 rounds. He demonstrates how easy it is to use, and how familiar it is to handle. The sights are trapezoid sights, which supposedly make it easier. Matt fires a few tests shots.

Now he has two different kinds of bullets, and he loads three of each in (brass and steel) to see which ones shoot more fire out of the barrel. The brass ones fired some sparks off. He drives off to the ranch, where there are hoses soaking the ground with water.

Matt has rigged a Steyr pistol pointing into a bucket, held together by pieces of wood. There is a piece of string tied to the trigger that loops out of the bucket. The whole thing is surrounded by a ring of upright concrete blocks. He mentions previous experiments where they fired over a bucket of gasoline, which ignited because of the flammable gases released.

He loads and cocks the gun, fills the bucket with enough gasoline so that the gun is completely submerged, backs up for safety. He predicts that there will be a scary ball of fire, which is why he took the precaution of making sure there are no flammable materials like dead grass around. He doesn’t sound so sure of what he’s doing, which is quite rare. Or nothing might happen at all — he has no idea.

He pulls the trigger, and to his relief, nothing happens apart from the bucket breaking open to spill gasoline onto the ground. To make up for the lack of action, Matt gets a flamethrower to make a blaze, and puts it all out right after.


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