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GUN Art?! Painting With A Gun!

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Kirsten tries her hand at making art using a gun, because why not? She says all it takes is a little paint, a big canvas, and an AR-15, of course, to create something spectacular. She adds that guns are tools, and how they are used is up to those who wield them, so assault weapons can actually serve as artist’s tools, too. She says this episode is the joy of painting combined with the joy of shooting.

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She starts the video by holding up two of her favorite things: an AR-15 and acrylic paint, saying this experiment combines her love for guns and art. She has actually won awards for her art, and has been featured in museums. She shows samples of her work, including charcoal portraits. But in recent years, she has not had the chance to practice her art, so this is an opportunity to do so.

She’s out in the field, where it’s windy and dusty. She lines up little pots of paint on a large piece of canvas down range, and she says she’ll adjust so as not to hit the canvas and make a hole. She starts shooting, beginning with the ones in the middle, and checks out the canvas. The paint pot exploded, causing the paint to splash out in a bright pattern.

Kirsten continues shooting the paint pots, until they’ve all exploded. On inspection, she says it’s turning out so great. She rearranges the pots, and keeps shooting. She rearranges the remaining pots to create a pattern, and fires some more. The paint pots keep exploding and making patterns on the canvas, and she takes a bullet to sign her initials on the gold paint splatter.

The finished product is better than she ever imagined, and she left the pieces of the plastic paint pots on the canvas. The end result is a colorful abstract piece that really does look cool.



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