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Home Defense & Hunting: Can One Round Do Both?

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In this episode of Iraqveteran8888, Eric try to see whether an AR-15 can be used equally effectively in a hunting situation and a personal defense situation. Can one gun do it all? Is there one bullet to bridge the gap between those two situations?

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An 18.5-inch BCM is going to have a lot higher velocity than a shorter gun. A lot of projectiles don’t really deliver the goods in the shorter barrels because the velocity thresholds require for expansion. They really have to have a higher amount of velocity to perform like it really needs to. There is also the issue of barrel length. So it comes down to choosing the right bullet and the issue of velocity.

To demonstrate, he tested 62g bullets through various test mediums to show how they perform in different barrel lengths. The 62g stabilizes really well and has a low threshold for expansion at some of the longer ranges, especially out of the 18- or 20-inch guns.

He performed a series of tests with the Underwood 62g CC Copper using an 18-inch BCM and an 11.5-inch SIG. He ran some 10% Ballistic Gelatin FBI Blocks that have been calibrated properly. He also ran some laboratory-grade synthetic bone medium and meat medium. Additionally, he put the rounds through various gell blocks to see what happens.

The Controlled Chaos provided immediate expansion, which is exactly what he was looking for. Both guns delivered, but the SIG didn’t perform as well as the BCM. Despite the tests simulating a hunting situation, it shows how effective a 5.56 can be as a defense cartridge. In the second test, he didn’t hit the rib. He got consistent results. The BCM had a lot more energy, but the the permanent cavity that the SIG produced was similar.

He tried a couple more tests, but in conclusion, the bullets performed as advertised. Regarding bridging the gap between hunting and personal defense, it comes down to the kind of person you are. If you just want to have an auto-loading rifle that you want to hunt with and defend yourself and your home with, the AR is a good contender.

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