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INSANE 50cal Muzzle Blast Power

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In this episode of Demolition Ranch, Matt wonders how much energy comes from the muzzle break when a bullet is fired. He points to the muzzle break on his rifle, describing how a bullet comes through the barrel, and the hot gases shoot out of the holes in the muzzle break to keep the muzzle from flying off. So, it’s essentially shooting out energy to keep the muzzle where you want it.

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The gun is his brand-new 308 AR-15 — his first from F1 firearms. He gives viewers a quick look at the gun: it has a rose gold, smooth, bolt carrier, a skeletonized design to make it lighter (and look cooler), a fluted 18-inch barrel, and a muzzle break with a bunch of holes that direct gases out in certain ways. He also has a Vortex scope topping it off.

Matt mentions that this gun is very accurate, but today will be close-range shooting to test the muzzle blast. He explains that he’ll be putting a variety of targets close to or around the muzzle and fire the gun to see what kind of damage the gases can do – not the bullet.

He starts with a 308, firing at a milk jug filled with water. The water jug splits open, drenching him. He says he didn’t expect the jug to break. He shows the water jug, reminding viewers that no bullet went in, but the side of the jug has a large hole in it.

Next target is a head of lettuce, on which he puts a large hole so that the bullet passes through it and the muzzle blast can do the damage on its own. He fires, and lettuce splatters everywhere. He then puts an entire paper towel roll on top of the muzzle and fires, which causes the roll to explode and paper towel pieces to fly every which way, surprising him.

He then uses a 50BMG, but straps the gun down to the table, places a long string on the trigger so he can pull it from the safety of his truck. He starts with the paper towel roll, fires and the paper towel roll just gets smashed to pieces. He proceeds to a pile of lettuce, pulls the string and the muzzle blast sends most of the heads flying and scattering debris in a wide area.

Matt then places lightbulbs around the muzzle, pulls the string and all the lightbulbs fly off to shatter in the air. He remarks that he keeps underestimating the power that the muzzle can produce.

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