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Lighting A Match With A Bullet – Trick Shot

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Lighting a match with a bullet has been the one trick shot that 22plinkster could never pull off, he admits in the video caption. He tried it before, but after thousands of times of never getting it right –he only succeeded in knocking the matches off – he gave up on it four years ago. But as it turns out, he just needed to find and use the right matches.

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He opens the video by lighting a match, and says it is a “strike anywhere match.” In the six years he has been doing trick shots on YouTube, his number one most requested has been to light a match with a 22 long rifle bullet. This shot has been his version of “Superman to kryptonite” or “Batman to the Joker” in trick shots – as in it’s the one thing that has proved to be his weakness.

But the past spring, a fellow trick shooter, Shooter1721 who uses air guns, asked him about the match-lighting trick and why he’d never done it. When 22plinkster said it just wouldn’t happen for him, the guy said he was probably using the wrong matches and sent him this new matchbox.

Strike anywhere matches are made to ignite basically under any circumstances, on any surface. As it turns out, that includes bullets.

Using Federal Gold ammo and a S&W Victory, he sets up outdoors. He places a match on a tall beam, aims and to his glee, finally strikes his first match with a bullet. In slow motion, the bullet can be seen hitting the match head, and there’s a steady stream of smoke coming out before a flame finally comes to life, burning down the matchstick.

22plinkster says this is the most difficult trick shot he has ever done (and he has done plenty). He’s incredibly happy about making this shot, and thanks his viewers.

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