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Living Room Gun Range…

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Matt from Demolition Ranch never seems to run out of ideas when it comes to experimenting with guns and what he can shoot. In this case, it’s a matter of where he can shoot. He starts by saying he had a brilliant idea, but his wife didn’t support it – mainly because it was dangerous and not very smart.

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But being Matt, he waits for the wife to leave and proceeds to carry out his plans anyway. Since he was a kid, he says, he has always dreamed of having an indoor shooting range, because it wouldn’t matter if it were nighttime or if it were pouring rain. So he decides to do just that in his living room.

The most important part of this experiment would be stopping the bullets, so that they hit the target but don’t go through. He has several old pieces of steel plates, and his goal is to come up with something that isn’t too heavy but will still catch bullets.

Matt proceeds to slice, drill and hammer bits of wood and steel in his garage. He came up with a set-up that has a thick piece of steel on the bottom, a wood frame holding up the other plates in an odd, cube shape that has one side open. Theoretically, the bullet would hit the inner plate and any fragments would stay within the enclosed space. He makes extra sure and puts old vests around the whole thing so that nothing leaves the target area (and breaks a window or go through a fridge or something).

He takes the whole thing inside and sets it up in his living room. He loads a P22, says this is the first time he’s ever fired a gun inside a house, crouches down a fair distance from his steel plate extravaganza, and fires. He checks the target and since it worked well, he moves to a 9mm.

The bullet hits the target, and the jacket bounces off the steel but there’s no harm done as most of the fragments were indeed caught in the steel plates. He proceeds to an AR-15 and fires, saying it is scary and fun at the same time. The bullet hit the steel, deflected and chipped the wood frame, raising dust but otherwise causing no damage to anything.

Then he fires an AK-47. He says his house smells like a gun range now, but the bullet stayed inside the structure, and the vests took the debris. To top off the craziness, he takes out his largest AR chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum, and says he doesn’t think these guns were meant to be fired indoors. He shoots and sets off the smoke detector. That hit threw stuff back and hit him, and some pieces stuck on his couch.

Don’t try this at home and he will never do it again, Matt warns — it got real, very quickly.


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