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This video by 22plinkster features a shooting experiment using cans of snow. The shooters in the video use different firearms, including a .22 Henry long rifle, a .500 S&M, and a Savage 112 Magnum Target .338 Lapua.

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The Henry long rifle is a classic Western-style lever action rifle that features a large loop lever. The overall length of the rifle is 34 inches, and the barrel is 16.5 inches. The Henry long rifle also features side ejection, a hooded front sight, an adjustable rear sight and a grooved receiver for mounting a scope. The blued steel barrel is machined with state of the art multiple groove rifling.

The S&M Model 500 revolver uses the powerful .500 S&M Magnum. The .500 S&M Magnum is a fifty-caliber semi-rimmed handgun cartridge first introduced in February 2003 at the SHOT show. The primary design of the .500 S&M Magnum was as a hunting handgun cartridge capable of taking on all North American game species.

The .500 S&W Magnum is a straight cartridge optimized for use in revolvers. The cartridge is designed to headspace on its rim. However, unlike other rimmed cartridges by Smith & Wesson such as the .44 Magnum and other cartridges designed for use in revolvers, the .500 S&W Magnum can be cycled more smoothly and more reliably in tubular or magazine rifles, because of its semi-rimmed design.

The .500 S&W Magnum has a maximum working pressure of 60,000 psi (4,100 bar), but most factory ammunition is limited to 50,000 psi (3,400 bar) to help ease extraction of fired cases. Due to the cartridge’s muzzle energy, the cylinders of the S&W Model 500 revolver are engineered to be capable of withstanding 50% over pressure.

The Savage 112 Magnum Target .338 Lapua features Savage’s Target AccuTrigger, which allows for precision adjustment to the trigger pull (from 6 oz. to 2.5 lbs) for crisp, consistent shots.

In the end, the .22 Henry long rifle shot through 2 cans of snow, the 500 S&M shot through 27 cans of snow, and the Savage 112 Magnum Target .338 Lapua shot through 13 cans of snow.

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