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In this video, 22plinkster gathers 14 laptops and shoots them with a .325g Federal Swift A-Frame bullet using a 500 Smith & Wesson. Before doing the challenge, he poses the question: How many laptops will the bullet go through?

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The 500 Smith & Wesson is a well-built handgun designed to conquer even the toughest hunting fields in the world. It is not a revolver one would or could tuck into a waistband. In fact, to call it massive is an understatement.

The Model 500 has a 8-3/8-inch barrel making its overall length 15 inches. The cylinder alone is about 2 inches in diameter and almost 2.25 inches in length. Opening the cylinder will reveal five charge holes that are each 0.5 inches in diameter; the .50-caliber cartridges they hold are about 2 inches long.

A fully loaded 500 Smith & Wesson weighs approximately 5 pounds. The gun’s empty weight is 4.5 pounds. You don’t just casually pick up a Model 500; you have to lift it. It is probably the largest double-action revolver available, and there is no single or double action production revolver in the world that is capable of matching, or even approaching, the level of power of the Model 500.

.325 Federal Swift A-Frame bullets have exceptional weight retention and controlled expansion, regardless of distance. This means that pairing this ammo with the Model 500 should be interesting. This video shows just how much damage this combination can cause.

To answer the question at the beginning, a .325g Federal Swift A-Frame bullet shot through a 500 Smith & Wesson can go through four laptops; the fifth laptop will stop it. This is pretty impressive. Additional loads may well be more powerful as there is enough room in the cartridge case and revolver cylinder to handle bullet weights up to 5.00 grains. Using this ammo can make the Model 500 an even more exceptional weapon.

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