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How May Lighters Will A 22lr Go Through?

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22plinkster, the master of precise trick shots, is at it again, this time conducting what is undoubtedly a dangerous shooting experiment. He warns at the beginning of the video, and in the caption, that he is a professional so this is something he really does, and for viewers not to try any such things at home.

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He has 22 lighters lined up in front of him on a table, which he says a lot of viewers requested. He said it’s another episode of “redneck science.” He will be backing up a good, safe distance for the shot, and will be using some CCI Velocitors as ammunition. He tries a test shot, and asks the audience how many lighters they think a 22LR will go through.

The lighters are on a wooden plank, arranged in a straight row. They are lighted, and he backs up, takes the shot. The bullet goes through and there’s a distinct flare-up seen from the lighters. In slow motion, the lighters appear to explode as the bullet goes through them, creating an impressive effect. The shot is slowed down even more, and the lighters can definitely be seen going up in flames this time.

He couldn’t believe what happened, and he counts the lighters left. There are 14 on the plank and 15 on the ground.  The bullet went through 7 lighters, and he says he was expecting it to go through more than that.

There are some outtakes shown. In one, some of the lighters tumble down before he can take a shot, and in another, there’s a puff of smoke when he fires. Apparently, it takes quite a few tries before he gets these experiments down pat, enough to go on the channel. He also encourages viewers and subscribers to put other suggestions of things he can shoot in the comments.

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